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We started Keeping Chickens UK in order to create a website dedicated to helping chicken keepers look after their poultry. We wanted it to be a resource for information and products that might be of benefit to them.

Keeping Chickens UK is an ideal blog for promoting chicken coops, runs and accessories, as well as chicken food, health products and even chickens themselves.

This is a family friendly site, committed to encouraging responsible animal keeping and providing high quality information and products for our readers. As such, our audience expect us to inform them about quality products.

How We Can Help You

We can help you get your marketing message to our readers in the following ways:

Product Reviews : We publish well written, honest and personal reviews that have successfully improved sales for our partners. If we feel we cannot provide a positive review for your product we will let you know and stop publication.

For sometime now, Keeping Chickens UK ranks number 1 and number 4 on Google for the term Chicken Coop Review

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Giveaways and competitions:  We can promote your product by offering a giveaway or creating a competition for which your product can be the prize. In association with this we can require our customers to visit your website or watch a video in order to find the right answer.

Ad placement: We are currently offering the following deals.

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  • placement at the top of the sidebar is an extra £5 a month.

Please note: we only show static adverts on our website – rotating and flash adverts are distracting to our readers.

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