Chicken Coop Review: Green Frog Chicken Wagon (up to 6 Hens)

Green Garden Chickens Chicken Wagon


For this chicken coop review we’re paying a return visit to Green Frog Designs who specialise in designing eco-friendly chicken coops made from recycled plastic. The reason we’ve returned is to take a look at their new ‘Wild West’ inspired Chicken Wagon which is suitable for up to 6 large hens or 12 bantams.

You might think that a chicken coop made from recycled plastic would be a pretty pedestrian affair when it comes to design, but the team at Green Frog have managed to create a really interesting looking coop here.

The Chicken Wagon is modern coop with a nostalgic design; with its spoked wheels and canopy type roof it resembles both a ‘Wild West’ wagon and an old fashioned gypsy caravan. The fittings that help clip the panels together are also reminiscent of the canvas roofs of the wild west and add an interesting design feature. On a practical level, the four wheels enable the caravan to be easily moved by a single person using the pull handles which are both on the front and rear of the coop; and the large door, the full height of the coop, allows easy access for cleaning. There is a vertical opening pop hole door at the front (which can be upgraded to an electronic automatic door opener) and a shallow ramp to the outside.

Chicken Wagon Rear

Inside, the coop is quite spacious and a good height. There are two nicely sized perches and two individual nest boxes which come with a cleverly designed ‘roll-away insert’ which allows newly laid eggs to roll into a collection area (see photograph of the rear.) This makes eggs easier to collect, cleaner and less likely to be damaged. You can get to the eggs with ease simply by sliding a lockable cover.  The nest boxes can be easily removed for cleaning when it’s required.

The full-height door enables easy access for cleaning, which, as the coop is made from plastic, can be achieved quickly and efficiently with a good hosepipe and a strong jet of water, once you’ve swept out.

For the health of your chickens, there are two permanent air vents under the roof at the front and two fully adjustable circular vents at the back. This provides a flow of air to remove any build up of ammonia and lets fresh clean air circulate. It also allows the inside of the coop to keep cool in the hotter parts of the year. Though as it’s got wheels, if it’s getting too stifling, you can always wheel it into the shade.

The plastic materials used in the manufacture of this chicken coop have some excellent benefits: there is no need for preservative treatment, as you would need for a wooden coop; you’re unlikely to need insecticides as there are very few nooks and crannies for red mite or any other parasites make a home in; the plastic is very tough and resistant to clawing and chewing, making it safe from predators; and unlike wood it won’t rot, splinter or crack.

Perhaps one feature that we don’t get to comment on very often is that the design allows the Chicken Wagon to be fully dismantled and rebuilt without causing any damage. What this means, is that if you decide to up sticks and move house you can take it with you, or if you decide to get a different coop in the future you’re likely to be able to sell this model to another chicken keeper.


External Dimensions: 102(w) x 132 (max h) x 120(d) cm (excluding ramp, including nest boxes)
Internal Dimensions: 71(w) x 115(max h) x 99(d) cm
Ground Clearance: 38cm

Colour Options:

Available in Green, Blue, Yellow or Black. This colour applies to the roof, the door and the nest box lid only – all other plastic parts are black.

Overall, whilst this ‘wild west’ design won’t be for everyone, the Green Frog Design Chicken Wagon gives the best of both worlds: you get an attractive chicken coop which will make a feature for your garden and at the same time a modern, high quality, safe home for your chickens that is easy to maintain and clean. Moreover, it will last and last.

For more detailed information, to purchase or to see other recycled plastic chicken coops from Green Frog Designs click here. We also recommend checking out the the Eglu Classic.