Chicken Coop Review: Newent Chicken Coop & Run (3 to 6 Hens)


For this chicken coop review we’re excited to take a look at the new Newent Chicken Coop and Run recently launched by Wells Poultry.  It’s the ideal hen house for those who want to keep a small number of chickens and have limited back garden space as it’s raised design allows you to pack the run, the coop and the nesting box into a 2.25 sq metre space.  

The coop itself is able to comfortablly accommodate up to six hens, but to do this we would recommend doubling the size of the run. (Wells Poultry do supply run extensions for this model so this wouldn’t be difficult to achieve. )

As with all Wells Poultry Coops, the build is sturdy and robust. High quality pressure treated wood is used for the construction and this helps with both strength and longevity. However, as with all wooden coops, we do recommend that you treat your wood regularly once it is out in the elements. For protection, the run is covered in strong, high spec European weldmesh, to keep foxes, stoats and weasels at bay – though do remember that if placed on soft ground, you will need to protect the perimeter to stop predators burrowing in. The roof is made from strong, weather resistant corrugated bitumen sheeting which, whilst not quite as aesthetically pleasing as wood, is significantly more practical – it will last much longer, won’t need to be covered in felt after a few years and will minimise the chance of red mite infestation (they love to live in the gap between a wooden roof and a felt covering.)

One particularly good feature is the inclusion of outdoor perches. These will allows your chickens to rest off the ground during the day and are particularly useful in winter when they will want to keep their feet off the cold ground.

Access between coop and run is via a ramp and entry is through a secure. vertical sliding pop-hole door which can be fitted with an optional  automatic door openers. 

Cleaning and egg collection are relatively easy with access to the nest box and coop through the rear hinged door. As the coop is raised, the cleaning is much less of a back breaker

Should you wish to relocate your coop at different times of the year, it can easily be maneuvered by a couple of people, though yo do have the option of purchasing a wheel kit ( for an extra £60). If you only intend on moving it occasionally, then this is probably not a necessary option.

Dimensions: L =180cm, W=125 cm H=140cm.

Overall, it’s a sturdy coop, built to the usual high quality we expect from Wells Poultry and well designed to enable you to keep chickens living comfortably in a small garden. For more information, please visit Well Poultry.