Fearnley Chicken Coop Review (for 10 to 12 Hens)

Framebow fearnley chicken coop review


In this chicken coop review not only are we going big, but we’re also going classy, with the handcrafted, Fearnley chicken coop and run from Framebow, suitable for 10 to 12 chickens.

Coop construction

The Fearnley coop and run is a large structure, measuring 7ft 8 inches wide x 10 ft  in length when you include the run.

It is made from strong, solid timber and is sturdy enough to last for years, though, as with all wooden coops, you should treat the timber annually to protect it the elements. It has a sloped roof which drains the rain and helps prevent water damage and because there is no cheap felt covering, there’s much less chance of red mite infestation.

What makes it a highly attractive garden feature, as well as a quality hen house, is the cloverleaf shape of the run, which can be seen clearly in the photograph. There is a full sized door in the run too which makes for very easy access into the enclosure.

Unusually for a large coop, the Fearnley is designed to be easily moved around the garden, so if the hens have scratched the grass bare or if you want to move them somewhere less windy in the winter you can do so. To help you, the coop can have carry handles attached and for a little extra you can purchase metal wheels.

Although an added extra, the ability to purchase weather boards for the side and roof of the chicken run means you can protect your hens from the harshest of weather and, in the event of heavy snow, you can continue to give them outside access whilst still being sheltered.

Useful Coop features

The Fearnley coop has lots of excellent hen friendly features. There is ample space for the 10 to 12 chickens inside and it is well ventilated, which a coop for so many hens needs to be, to prevent the build up of toxic ammonia fumes and condensation. To add to your hen’s comfort, there is plenty of well-made perch space, ensuring the hens can roost together to stay warm and feel secure. Adequate nesting is provided in the large nesting boxes for the hens to lay their eggs undisturbed. As you would expect, the nesting boxes are external and so access to the eggs doesn’t require you to go into the coop itself.

For ease of cleaning, the external nesting box, perches and sliding floor are removable, allowing you full access to the inside of the coop, so it can be hosed down and disinfected. The removable sliding floor makes cleaning a breeze as it can be carried straight to the compost heap and then hosed before replacing.

Access for the chickens is via a drawstring pophole and down a wooden ladder to the run. Alternatively, there’s a side entrance if you are letting them loose in the garden.

A useful feature we haven’t really seen before but think might catch on, is that the chicken run has lifting lids on either side. These allow you to place chicken feed in the run without the need to enter –  very handy if you are feeding before you set off to work and don’t want to risk messing up your work clothes or your shoes.

Predator protection

The Framebow Fearnley is about as predator proof as you can get: with its solid construction and raised floor, the coop itself is virtually impregnable. The dense, strong mesh of the run also means it’s going to be difficult for predators to enter, especially so because it’s fully enclosed. The one weakness we always remind people of with runs is that predators can dig underneath; however, Framebow have come up with their own anti-dig skirts to prevent foxes and other animals from burrowing their way in. At only £5 per metre, we think this is the perfect solution to finally securing chicken runs.


Framebow’s delivery charge is £60.00. The coop and run are delivered on a double flat pack pallet. You will need to assemble yourself, but instructions are provided and Framebow’s customer services are more than willing to help out of there are any problems.


There are cheap coops and there are high-quality coops and this is often reflected in the price. So whilst, at £1600 this is not the cheapest chicken coop and run combo on the market, it is, however, a serious and superior coop with an attractive design, high quality, handcrafted timber and superior construction. It also has a many excellent chicken friendly features to ensure your hens are happy, healthy and safe. There are not many coops for this number of hens that can combine all these – most coops that cater for this many hens usually look like a garden shed.

For more information or to buy visit Framebow.