Chicube Traditional Chicken Coop Review (for 6 to 8 hens)

wooden-chicken-house-8-hens-creamAs spring kicks in, we wanted this chicken coop review to take a look at something that would make an attractive feature to your garden, as well as make an excellent living space for your hens. For this reason, we’ve chosen the Chicube Traditional Chicken Coop suitable for up to 8 hens.

Chicubes originally came to our attention with their range of plastic chicken coops which came in a range of funky colours. Since then they have begun to use new materials and produce much more eye-catching designs.

Attractive Looking

This one, for example, looks very traditional with its pitched roof made from lapped timber and the triangle of circular air vents at the apex. The vertical pophole door and ramp add to the farmyard feel. However, the combination of the colours and the oak edging gives it a much more contemporary feel.

Modern Construction

It’s not just the colours and wood varieties which make it more modern, however. Chicubes have gone out of their way to marry the traditional look with the expectations of today’s chicken keeper. The coop is constructed from very tough plywood with a phenolic resin coating which acts both as a resistant water barrier and also makes the panels very easy to clean; perfect not only for maintaining a healthy living space but also for maintaining that clean look – you wouldn’t want a coop as good looking as this to start turning green.

Like all good modern chicken coops, there is ease of access for collecting the eggs from the two external nesting boxes which are supplied, this is done simply by lifting the lid.

As for cleaning, there is an opening, lift off roof and opening side door giving you easy access to the easy to wipe and wash interior coated panels.

Good for the Chickens

wooden-chicken-house-8-hens-cream-2The house provides 9 square feet of space which is suitable for up to 8 average hens – if you have larger breeds, like Orpingtons, the maximum number is probably about 6 or 7. There is suitable ventilation, an essential for all coops, with the ventilation holes in the apex so that the although the air circulates, the hens won’t get directly in the draft.

The two perches are well designed and comfortable for the hens to roost on and with space to allow the birds to roost together and keep warm in colder weather. The two nesting boxes are of a good size to allow the hens to lay eggs comfortably, helping to reduce any damage to your eggs.

There Chicube Tradition Coop also features a vertical pophole which is more secure from predators than swing doors and allows you the option to purchase an automatic door opener – which we always think is the best new invention on the market for chicken keepers. Access to the outside is via a well-made ramp which matches the roof.

The coop is raised off the ground on its legs, giving protection for your hens from the sun or rain and being raised it helps keep the coop cooler in summer, warmer in winter, less susceptible to ground water as well as being much safer from predators.


Unlike most wooden chicken coops, the walls and body of the hen house do not need to be treated because of the coating, however, the roof and the ramp do need an annual treatment maintain their condition.

Delivery and Building

The chicken coop comes flat packed so you will need to construct it at home. There are detailed instructions and anyone who can put together flat packed furniture should be fine with this.


We really like this coop: the use of resin coated plywood makes it robustly constructed, it’s designed well for animal comfort and security, there is ease of access for collecting eggs and cleaning; and it really looks like the perfect modern version of the traditional chicken coop.

At the time of publication the Chicube Traditional Chicken Coop was retailing at £366.75 (23% off the RRP £479). There are other colours available.

You can find Chicube Traditional Chicken Coops for sale by clicking here