Chicken Coop Review: Nestera Raised Lodge Coop (3 Sizes)

Nestera Chicken Lodge Review

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the Nestera Raised Lodge Coop, a remarkable chicken coop that combines eco-friendliness, convenience and comfort for your feathered friends. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of this exceptional coop, covering its sustainability, low maintenance, easy cleaning, pest resistance, weather protection, accessibility and more. Join us as we delve into the world of Nestera and discover why their Chicken Lodge is an exceptional choice for your chickens.

A Sustainable Home for Your Chickens

At Nestera, sustainability is at the core of their values. The Raised Chicken Lodge is constructed using 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, making it the epitome of eco-friendliness. By utilising recycled materials and relying on green energy during production, Nestera ensures a minimal carbon footprint. When you choose the Nestera Chicken Lodge, you’re not only providing a comfortable home for your chickens but also making a positive impact on the environment.

Low Maintenance and Durability

One of the standout features of the Nestera Raised Chicken Lodge is its low maintenance requirements. Unlike traditional wooden coops that demand constant treatments and are prone to rotting, the Lodge is crafted from sturdy 9mm-thick recycled plastic. This material provides exceptional durability, eliminating the need for frequent repairs or replacements. By investing in the Chicken Lodge, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your coop is built to last.

Easy Cleaning and Hygiene

Maintaining a clean and hygienic chicken coop is essential for the wellbeing of your flock. With the Nestera Rised Chicken Lodge, cleaning becomes a quick and hassle-free task. The smooth and easy-to-clean plastic surfaces prevent dirt from sticking, allowing you to effortlessly hose down the coop. No harsh chemicals or intensive scrubbing required! Additionally, the Lodge features Removable Droppings Trays accessible through a large rear door. This thoughtful design makes it even easier to keep your coop clean and maintain a healthy environment for your chickens.

Quick Drying for Optimal Efficiency

Say goodbye to the frustration of waiting for wooden panels to dry after cleaning or rain showers. The Nestera Raised Chicken Lodge, constructed from recycled plastic, dries in seconds. This remarkable feature saves you time and ensures a hygienic environment for your chickens. No more worrying about moisture-related issues or prolonged drying times.

Pest Resistance and Protection

Keeping pests at bay is a priority for any chicken keeper. The Nestera Chicken Lodge provides excellent pest resistance, thanks to its robust construction. The tough and strong recycled plastic deters animals with sharp teeth and claws from accessing the coop. It’s not just large predators, like foxes, that the Chicken Lodge is good at keeping at bay. While red mites and other parasites find the nooks and crannies in wooden coops ideal places to live and breed, the plastic lodge doesn’t provide a hospitable environment for them to thrive, making it highly resistant to infestation.

Weather Protection and Year-Round Comfort

The Nestera Chicken Lodge is designed to provide optimum comfort for your chickens, regardless of the weather conditions. The recycled plastic used in its construction offers excellent insulation and protection. The coop’s raised design, standing 22.5cm off the ground, not only facilitates cleaning but also shields your hens from ground frost. Furthermore, permanent under-eave ventilation and adjustable circular vents ensure proper airflow, preventing overheating or overcooling. Whether it’s scorching summer heat or chilly winter winds, your chickens will enjoy a comfortable and cosy environment inside the Chicken Lodge.

Accessibility and Convenience

The Nestera Raised Chicken Lodge takes accessibility and convenience to the next level. The coop is designed with a ramp, allowing young hens to easily access the coop without difficulty. Furthermore, ergonomic design elements make cleaning, accessing the birds and reaching the nesting boxes a breeze. Two removable perches provide versatility, and the pop hole door is designed to prevent dirt buildup and potential harm to your hens. A full-width back door detaches quickly using quick-release pins, enabling easy access to the interior. Moreover, the Lodge’s lightweight and portable design, complete with carry handles cut into the roof, make it effortless to move the coop around your garden. Whether you want to relocate it to a more sheltered spot or give your lawn a chance to rejuvenate, the portability of the Chicken Lodge offers unmatched convenience.

25-Year Warranty for Peace of Mind

When you invest in the Nestera Raised Lodge Lodge Coop, you can trust in the quality and durability of your coop. Nestera stands behind their product with an unbeatable 25-year warranty. This warranty not only demonstrates their confidence in the longevity of their coops but also provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected for years to come.


The Nestera Raised Lodge Coop is a game-changer in the world of chicken coops, offering a perfect blend of sustainability, convenience and comfort. With its use of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic, low maintenance requirements, easy cleaning process, pest resistance, weather protection, and thoughtful design elements, the Chicken Lodge is a top choice for both novice and experienced chicken keepers. Its portability, backed by an unbeatable 25-year warranty, adds to the allure of this exceptional coop. By choosing the Nestera Chicken Lodge, you not only provide a safe and comfortable home for your flock but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

For more information or to purchase, visit the company’s website to see the full Nestera Raised Lodge Coop Collection.  

Sizes and Dimensions

Small Coop – suitable for up to 3 hens

External Dimensions: Height 995mm, Width 988mm (inc. nest box), Depth 993mm (inc. ramp)

Internal Dimensions: Width: 890mm (inc. nest box), Depth 560mm.

Medium Coop – suitable for up to 5 hens

External Dimensions: Height 995mm, Width 988mm (inc. nest box), Depth 1138mm (inc. ramp)

Internal Dimensions: Width: 890mm (inc. nest box), Depth 800mm

Large Coop – suitable for up to 8 hens

External Dimensions: Height 995mm, Width 1385mm (inc. nest box), Depth 1279mm (inc. ramp)

Internal Dimensions: Width: 1210mm (inc. nest box), Depth 800mm


Suggested Accessories

Nestera automatic door opener

Droppings trays

Solar panel for wi-fi coop camera