Chicken Coop Review -The Eglu Classic Chicken House


This month’s Chicken Coop Review is going to look at a totally different type of chicken house for the new chicken keeper – and one that appears to be taking the market by storm at the moment – the Eglu Classic. So well designed is this hen house that it is on permanent display in the V and A museum. 

Eglu chicken coops are built by a company called Omlet – a business that obviously loves chicken associated word play and has a sense of fun in how it portrays itself. Its attention to coop building, however, is taken rather more seriously and what it has to offer is spectacularly good.

What you are not going to get with an Eglu hen house is a traditional looking wood built unit: what you do get is a seriously funky looking piece of kit that is both ergonomic and does a 21st Century job of housing your cluckers. Whilst wood built coops have a limited lifespan and can be high maintenance: the Eglu, on the other hand, is made of hard and, believe it or not, 100% recyclable polythene that will no doubt outlast most of us! 

The Omlet guys have left nothing out in their pursuit of excellence. The Eglu Classic has roosting bars and a discreet nesting box built in. Your delicious fresh breakfast egg can be collected easily via the aptly named ‘egg port’ on the side of the house.

The Eglu Classic is by far the easiest to clean coop we have ever seen. Quite simply, the design means you can remove the top section which comprises the roof and walls and the entire inside of the coop is there in front of you. You can simply hose it down. If it’s just the daily cleaning of the litter that you want, instead of having to ‘muck out’, you slide out dropping tray and wash it clean. 

Like our own modern housing, the Eglu Classic also has twin walled insulation and draught free ventilation which of course keeps your chickens warm in the winter and cool in the summer, helping to keep illness ay bay.

Protection from those nasty predators is also an integral part of the Eglu’s design: the house itself is extremely robust in composition and the company claim that the strong steel weld mesh is for predators to break – allowing you and your chickens an easier night’s sleep. To add further protection from the more craftier predators, a skirt of its super tough mesh sits flat on the ground to prevent animals from digging tunnels into the run. 

Other features include a spacious run that has vertical sides to give your chickens plenty of room and has an area of shelter to protect from sun or rain. The Classic also comes with feeders and drinkers that are easy to fill and keep clean. 


The Eglu Classic is part of a wider range of Omlet hen houses, all of which are built to high specifications. If this one is too small for you (it only houses two chickens) check out some of their larger coops by clicking here. For more information about the Eglu Classic follow this link.

We hope you enjoyed reading this chicken coop review and look forward to bringing you another soon.