Chicken Coop Review – Sonning Minor (For 4 – 6 Hens)


For this chicken coop review, we’ve decided to take a look at a slightly larger hen house than usual. The Sonning Minor Chicken Coop from Wells Poultry is designed to house from 4 to 6 chickens, so it’s perfect for those with average sized gardens or larger who are looking to make room for a reasonably sized flock.

Sonning MinorWhat we particularly like about this chicken coop is the country style look. With its pitched timber roof and wide panelling, the Sonning Minor has all the appeal of a traditional old fashioned hen house that would have been seen on rural farms in the past.

However, the balance between traditional looks and contemporary design has been well balanced by this company who specialise in larger hen houses. The Sonning Minor uses modern materials to give your hens all that you expect from today’s coops:  dry, draught-free and predator proof chicken house, two well-made perches and a cosy nesting box.

Designed to be used in an enclosed area or with a run; the Sonning Minor measures a comfortable 100cm (40″) x 100cm or 161 cm (64″) with the nest box. The almost Swiss style pitched timber roof keeps your birds dry when it is raining and shaded on hot summer days and for ventilation there are discrete, rain proof, air gaps in the roof to ensure a healthy airflow for your birds.

Protection from predators comes with the Sonning’s sturdy timber exterior. Highly quality, dense wood is used to protect your valuable chickens and deter foxes and other pests. Cleverly, Wells have also included a lockable pop hole for even more security.

Like all wooden chicken coops, its longevity will depend on a number of factors including where you position it in your garden, your local weather conditions and most importantly how well you maintain it. However, the Sonning Minor is made from pressure treated wood so rot and fungus are not a problem; though we would advise that you treat it with animal-friendly timber preservative every now and then.

As is standard nowadays, the design of this hen house makes it easy to clean. There is a large side door for easy access and the floor and comfortable nest box are removable for cleaning outside.

One other thing we particularly find attractive is that the Sonning Minor is shipped pre-assembled so you don’t have to spend hours on end assembling the thing. The downside to this, of course, is that you have to have a path wide enough to get it into your back garden – do check!

At the time of going to press, the Sonning was retailing for £318.00 (inc VAT)